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Why us?

build a better community

We provide a wide range of services, which include (but are not limited to):

Community Management & Moderating

With an expert team of community moderators and managers located around the world, we can provide 24 hour complete coverage for all social channels, including Telegram, Reddit, Bitcoin Talk, Facebook and more. We will support you community with facts from whitepapers, token sales and more, every step of your journey.

Setting up and running bounty campaigns

We build and manage direct to market cost effective and efficient bounty campaigns that bring in strong and long term community members to support and help the project grow. Anything from Airdrop campaigns to bug hunter campaigns. We manage it all

Full translation services of website, whitepaper and video subtitles

Our team of vetted translators can provide word-for-word translation of your content in over 15 languages. We’ll use our blockchain knowledge to audit the translation to ensure the accuracy and context is maintained, so that nothing is ‘lost in translation’.

ICO/TGE Advising

Our panel of expert advisors will help to successfully scale your company all the way from ‘token metrics’ to implementing the token sale. We’ve worked with many ICOs and have the knowledge and experience to know what works and what doesn’t.

Animated explainer videos

Do you need to convey your product in a compelling way? Of course you do! Here at Latitude Blockchain Services we are partnered with movie industry veterans to produce top quality cinematic explainer videos of any style.

ICO ratings (60+)

With our comprehensive list, we can get your project seen by thousands of potential investors.

Global PR & Marketing

A strong marketing and media strategy is at the heart of every successful company, as it’s the driving force that build brand awareness. Media exposure is the vehicle for getting your project in front of the faces of potential investors. We utilise strong marketing channels to grow and educate your audience to convert them into your long term investors and customers. Our specialised team are experienced in delivering results based on your objectives.

Custom Webdesign

First impressions matter - our team of expert designers and developers will make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Content creation (reviews and interviews)

Our independent content creators will thoroughly research and write a compelling review of your company and product. Honest, Truthful, Unbiased.

About us

Our Story

Two brothers Corey & Rick Billington, along with long time friend Bradley Townsend, founded Latitude Blockchain Services Pty Ltd in October 2017 in South East Queensland, Australia.

"Our ideas for starting, and forming the company started flowing when we could clearly see that there were many companies struggling to find quality services. Valuable time was wasted sourcing things from multiple providers, and often it was hit and miss with quality. That was the feedback we were getting from company team members. We could see the desperate need for a central hub with all these services under one banner, and how beneficial it would be to bring them all together under one roof to increase productivity and to relieve stress from the new Blockchain company’s team, enabling them to shift their focus on progression of their vision".

Born out of a love for the crypto community and Blockchain technology, coupled with the immense possibilities that this company could provide, we feel that we're able to provide a helping hand and straight-forward path to success for projects that we share a vision with.

And thus the name Latitude Blockchain Services Pty Ltd came about! After about a week of scribbling ideas onto a whiteboard, we eventually found a name that encompassed our core functionality: global coverage and Blockchain specialised multifaceted services.

Our Mission The vision for Latitude Blockchain Services is anchored around providing an all-in-one, full-scale service to relieve some of the stress that all blockchain start-ups experience. We plan to continuously grow our extensive network and strategic partnerships to ensure we can provide a broad range of services, leveraging those who influence the industry.

Some of our clients

  • Blockgrain

  • Big Data Block

  • IcebreakerAR

  • Nest Platform

  • Seal

  • Celsius

  • Hoard

Our partners

  • Blockbid

  • Space Made Media

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