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Reutter to be honored by Bmorenews

A nice end-of-the-year honor for Baltimore Brew associate editor and senior reporter Mark Reutter comes from Doni Glover of

Tonight at “REBIRTH,” an event celebrating Bmorenews’ 11 years of “covering the news from a community perspective,” Reutter will be one of the people receiving the Joe Mann Black Capital Awards.

“As is our tradition, we will recognize some black entrepreneurs and the people who support them,” Morton wrote in a press release, announcing that his organization and Sisters4Sisters Network Inc. will be presenting the awards.

Mark Reutter, of the Baltimore Brew.In honoring Reutter, Glover cited his coverage of the favored bidder (with strong City Hall ties) for a lucrative city water meter contract – a bid by a company with no specific experience in so-called “smart” water meters that was fully $100 million higher than the competing bid.

“A media icon, Reutter recently saved the city $100 million with his coverage of proposed ‘Smart Water Meters’ for Baltimoreans by way of City Hall,” Glover wrote.

Here’s the bio included in Glover’s release:

Reutter has been reporting and writing on Baltimore since 1970, when he started as a 19-year-old summer intern covering cops for The Evening Sun. He worked on a wide range of beats for the Sunpapers, including inner-city housing and downtown development, and exposed (with colleague Steve Luxenberg) the corrupt practices of the Pallottine Fathers, a local Catholic order. In the 1980s, he undertook an intensive study of blue-collar life and the business history of Baltimoreʼs then-largest employer, Bethlehem Steel, which resulted in the now classic book, “Making Steel – Sparrows Point.” In addition to his writings on Baltimore, he has edited the historical magazine, Railroad History, and publishes with the Progressive Policy Institute and The Wilson Quarterly in Washington, D.C.

Thank God for The Brew

Glover last month had some very nice remarks on his site “celebrating”Baltimore Brew and we really appreciated it.

“Mark Reutter and Fern Shen produce And I, for one, thank God for them,” he wrote. “Without such media outlets, we only get part of the truth. . . May the world know how necessary such independent media is.”

Doni, for his part, has been steadfastly covering news from city neighborhoods and perspectives in ways and at events that are often – and sometimes glaringly - missed by mainstream media.

The event tonight takes place from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Douglass-Myers Museum, 1417 Thames St., in Fells Point.

Reutter to be honored by Bmorenews
  • ushanellore

    Congrats Mark. You deserve every award past, present and future. Live long and prosper.

  • Tom Gregory

    Mark, Thanks for your commitment and hard work.

  • davethesuave

    I must join Ushanellore & Tom in saying this award is well-deserved, and please continue as long as you can. To say your work is valuable, and your writing well-crafted is obvious; beyond that though, the money you save the taxpayers, and the discomfort you cause the P-T-B, is icing on a healthy cake. Thanks.

  • bmoreguy

    Congratulations Mark! The city is becoming a better place as a result of your hard work and dedication!

  • baltimorebrew

    Thanks for the generous words. It’s gratifying to get such great support from Brew readers. -mr