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Supporting The Brew is now tax deductible!

We love bringing you hot news over here at Baltimore Brew, but this post is a little different: it’s a scoop about us.

Thanks to our new fiscal sponsor, Fusion Partnerships, Inc., the contributions that readers make to support The Brew are now tax deductible.

You’ve probably seen the “Contribute Today” buttons on our homepage. Now we’ve set up a page HERE where you can donate to an account we have through Fusion. (The Contribute Today” buttons leads to this Brew Fusion page too. We wanted to get this up before the end of 2013.)

Baltimore-based Fusion, which just celebrated its 15-year anniversary, serves as an incubator and fiscal sponsor for grassroots groups working for social justice.

(l-r) Saiyda Stone (Strongheart), Keith Gravazza, Fern Shen and Polly Riddims at a recent Fusion event. (Photo by Joe Tropea)

Meeting fellow Fusiontonians: (l-r) Saiyda Stone (Strongheart), Keith Gravazza, Fern Shen and Laurie Bezold (Polly Riddims). Photo by Joe Tropea

Some of the well-known programs and projects that Fusion serves as fiscal sponsor include:

New Lens, Rebecca Yenawine’s “youth-driven social justice organization that makes art and media” about city issues.

The Station North Tool Library, “like a book library, but with tools.”

Hit & Stay, Joe Tropea’s award-winning documentary about the Catonsville 9.

I got to meet some of the people behind these programs at Fusion’s latest quarterly potluck.


Organizations choose to use fiscal sponsorship to take advantage of foundation grants and other donors that give only to non-profit organizations. Many groups use fiscal sponsorship while they are obtaining or considering seeking non-profit status.

Feel free to email me with any questions – this is a little new to us, too. But basically, you just click the button and follow the prompts. (

Or if you prefer the old-fashioned way: write a check made payable to Fusion Partnerships, Inc., with Baltimore Brew noted in the memo line. Mail to 1601 Guilford Avenue, #2 South, Baltimore, MD 21202

We work hard to bring you premium-quality reporting about issues that matter to Baltimore. We hope you’ll send some support our way, so we can keep it coming.

Supporting The Brew is now tax deductible!