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From the Baltimore Brew crew, a behind-the-scenes look at what we do…

Real News, Next City go deep with The Brew

Plus kudos from Baltimore Magazine and other recent news about – instead of from – Baltimore Brew.

Many thanks to the publications that have been writing about our Old School/New Wave approach to covering local news here in Baltimore. We’re overdue to recognize these nice plaudits. (Gracias to the folks involved for your patience.)

For starters, Real News Network producer Mike McGuire sat down with us for a lengthy two-part interview (Part I and Part II) about how and why we do what we do here.

We appreciate RNN’s fresh presence in Baltimore as an alternative set of eyes and ears on City Hall and the community. And we liked how Mike got right down to business in these thoughtful interviews without a lot of preamble.

The peg for the network’s sit-down with me, publisher Fern Shen, and senior editor Mark Reutter was some national attention for our publication. The Philadelphia-based publication Next City recently applauded our watchdog journalism in a piece called “The Story on Urban Newsrooms Is Still Looking for Its Hero.

Illustration from NextCity piece on Baltimore Brew and other new online local journalism sites.

Illustration from NextCity piece on Baltimore Brew and other promising new online local journalism sites.

Also, a nice honor comes by way of Baltimore Magazine, which recognized Reutter in their August Best of Baltimore issue as “Best Online Journalist.” (As soon as it moves from the print-only mode to online, we’ll put up the link.)

Big in Cincinnati?

Finally, from the Just-Spell-My-Name-Right Department comes a snarky comment about the aforementioned Reutter from John Cranley, Mayor of . . . Cincinnati?

Yep. It appears in a piece by the online publication UrbanCincy. Writer Randy A. Simes collected our reporting on former Baltimore Finance Chief Harry Black upon learning that Black was being hired to be Cincinnati’s new city manager.

There’s a proposal afloat, Simes writes, to move Cincinnati from a city manager form of governance to a “strong mayor”  form of government, so Black’s hiring comes at a time when City Hall-watchers there are bracing for possible change.

The Brew’s reporting on Black and his involvement in various sticky matters in Baltimore – the audit vacuum and the misbegotten Dynis water meter contract, not to mention his own resume issues – was fodder for UrbanCincy’s reporting.

Asked about all this, Mayor Cranley dismissed Reutter as “a silly blogger.”

Even with the out-of-town press, local Brew readers got our back.

Said Federal Hill’s Tom Gregory in the UrbanCincy comments section: “A ‘silly blogger’? Cranley should be relieved that Mark Reutter is 500 miles east in Baltimore and not digging around in Cincy’s political garbage.”

Real News, Next City go deep with The Brew