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The Dripby Mark Reutter10:19 amMay 8, 20230

Bill Henry endorses Zeke Cohen for City Council president

Henry’s endorsement is a surprise slap at Nick Mosby, the incumbent City Council president.

Above: Zeke Cohen and Bill Henry forge an alliance on the 28th Street Bridge. (Video clip)

Given the number of times Nick Mosby has publicly showered praise on Comptroller Bill Henry and how the two stood side by side in opposition to the BGE conduit agreement last February, Henry’s endorsement today of Zeke Cohen as City Council president comes as a political eyebrow-raiser.

Cohen, who represents Fells Point, Canton and Highlandtown as First District councilman, is challenging Mosby, who is seeking a second term as the city’s second highest elected official in next year’s elections.

Strolling along the 28th Street Bridge, Henry announces his endorsement this way in a video sent out by Cohen’s campaign:

“This is what I’m looking for in city leadership – people who know how to break down barriers and connect communities.”

As Cohen materializes by his side, Henry says, “Zeke is the kind of leader who brings everyone in the room together, and helps them find ways to move the city forward at a time when we really need that the most.”

The camera then pans over to Cohen, who echoes Henry’s soothing words:

“Baltimore deserves leaders who build bridges instead of tearing each other down. That’s why I’m so proud to have the support of my dear friend and our Comptroller, Bill Henry.”

Henry’s Own Plans

Henry has yet to announce plans for his own political future – whether to run again as comptroller or take the leap and challenge Mayor Brandon Scott in the May 14, 2024 Democratic Party primary.

Henry’s campaign recently tested the waters by commissioning a poll by Lake Research Partners, which asked 500 likely Democratic voters who they would vote for if the 2024 election were held today.

Henry got only 6% of the respondent’s vote compared to 21% for Scott, 18% for former Mayor Sheila Dixon, 11% for Thiru Vignarajah and 7% for retired WBAL reporter Jayne Miller.

Given that the respondents got no biographical or other information – making name recognition the key criteria for their choice – Scott’s support was considered weak.

Which gives a potential candidate like Henry a glimmer of hope, especially if he’s part of a broader ticket preaching “unity” and “bridge building” in Baltimore.

Speaking out against a vote on the BGE conduit deal, from left, Comptroller Bill Henry, Councilman Robert Stokes and City Council President Nick Mosby. (Fern Shen)

In February, Bill Henry joined City Council President Nick Mosby (right) in announcing their boycott of the Board of Estimates meeting where the BGE conduit agreement was ratified by Mayor Brandon Scott and his two board appointees. (Fern Shen)

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