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From the Baltimore Brew crew, a behind-the-scenes look at what we do…

Just a note to tip Brew readers about an upcoming event by one of our sponsors, The Ivy Bookshop. A representative from Random House publishers will be at the store showcasing their new books and offering pre-release copies of many of them. Among the two dozen books they’re promoting: • Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, […]

______________________________________________________________ Typically, Baltimore Brewreaders are attracted like flies to honey by our latest breaking online news about suspicious city spending or shady political maneuvers. So how would it go over, we wondered, when we trotted out a lengthy discussion of some books which – based on their publication dates in 2002, 2010 and 1961 – […]

In response to bizarre allegations being circulated on the Friends of The Senator Theatre Facebook page, The Brew wants readers to know: We are not funded directly or indirectly by any individual or outside group. Financially we rely on reader contributions, limited ad revenues and our own resources. We are guided by what the editors […]

Well, okay, things didn’t actually get physical Saturday at the Baltimore Book Festival’s giant public Scrabble game. But there was some serious head-to-head competition, the heads on both sides deeply furrowed with thought, the pumped-up crowd cheering and jeering, the 20-plus-point words flying. You’d think that, since worrying about words is my average day-at-the-office, I […]

___________________________________________________ Up here at Brew HQ, it’s not unusual to get an urgent call from senior reporter Mark Reutter – sometimes dialed from a City Hall men’s room – reporting sotto voce on the latest doings by city pols or officials. But what he told me they did yesterday was beyond outrageous. They wrote up […]

_____________________________________________ By Laura Flynn Biking, it seems, is the Brew thing-to-do. My first article I wrote for them as a new intern was about a bike trip and movie screening hosted by the American Visionary Arts Museum, three cycling groups and a bike shop. Brew reporter Mark Reutter, my go-to guy for insight about Baltimore, […]

We’ve got your Baltimore Brew mugs, Kickstarter contributors – come ‘n get ’em! For anyone who supported this year’s Baltimore Brew Kickstarter Campaign at the $50 level (or above), you get a mug and a bumper sticker, you may remember (!) On Friday (August 24), we’re holding the event we promised to give them to […]

_______________________________________________________________ I went to Baltimore Data Day on Friday knowing I’d find facts and figures. But I wasn’t quite prepared for how many people I’d encounter who were so angry about them. It was . . . energizing. “This Data Day – can it really help a community like Cherry Hill?” asked a skeptical Michael […]

Well I argued a bit about it with Mark, slept on it, thought about the women I respect who defended us, thought about the (more numerous!) women I respect who criticized us and did a gut check. “Inside City Hall: The claws come out” didn’t feel good to me. So I’m changing it and apologizing. […]

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