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Marilyn and Nick Mosby

The Dripby Fern Shen3:30 pmFeb 10, 20230

Marilyn Mosby trial not likely to begin until the fall

UPDATE: Mosby retools Mahogany Elite Consulting LLC, appointing herself managing partner

Above: Marilyn Mosby exits the federal courthouse in Baltimore earlier this year. (Fern Shen)

Conferring with prosecutors and the new lawyer representing Marilyn Mosby today, U.S. District Judge Lydia Kay Griggsby first floated a July date for her federal trial.

But after the attorneys reviewed their calendars with Griggsby, it was apparent that was not to be.

“We’re looking at some time in the fall, then, if July is not going to work,” Griggsby said at the morning status conference.

”We’re looking at September and possibly into October,” she added.

Griggsby said she needed to check with the officials who manage jury selection before proposing a specific date.

Prosecutors and Mosby’s attorney, federal public defender James Wyda, said they would confer and be ready to discuss the schedule with the court.

Griggsby asked if they could they return in a week, but Wyda said that wouldn’t be possible.

“Ms. Mosby is anxious to put this matter behind her as quickly as possible. We’re trying to move promptly for her sake as well as the court,” Wyda said.

“In all candor, while we’re working in good faith with prior counsel, we don’t have the file,” Wyda continued. “I’m still operating a little bit in the dark.”

Wyda explained that he had not been given the case file by Mosby’s prior defense attorneys.

Six Lawyers Quit

Baltimore’s former two-term state’s attorney had been scheduled to go on trial on March 27 for perjury and making a false claim on a loan application.

But last month, Griggsby allowed Mosby’s entire defense team to withdraw from the case for various reasons.

Her lead attorney, A. Scott Bolden, faces contempt of charges for, among other things, a profanity-laced tirade on the courthouse steps in September.

The others – Rizwan Qureshi, Kelley Miller and Anthony Todd – said they might be called as witnesses in Bolden’s case and had, therefore, a conflict of interest.

Pro-bono lawyers Gary Proctor and Lucius Outlaw were also excused after saying they would suffer a financial hardship if compelled to take over Mosby’s case.

Fourth Trial Date

Mosby was indicted on January 13, 2022 on charges she lied on applications for mortgages to buy Florida condominiums and lied to gain access to tax-deferred retirement money. There are four counts in the indictment.

Marilyn Mosby indicted for perjury and filing false loan applications (1/13/22)

The case had been initially set for last May. Then it was postponed to September, followed by a March 2023 date.

With that date now scratched from the calendar, Mosby’s exact trial date remains up in the air.

Griggsby said she would schedule another status conference in two weeks in hopes of finally settling the matter.

Mahogany Elite Returns

Meanwhile, now that Mosby is out of office (she lost in the July Democratic primary to Ivan Bates), she appears to be retooling her resume.

Her LinkedIn was just updated today with a new entry:

“Managing partner, Mahogany Elite Consulting, LLC, Jan. 2023 to the present.”

A company description characterizes the business as a “Legal, Political, and Entertainment Consulting Company.”

Marilyn Mosby's LinkedIn is updated with current job description: Managing Partner, Mahogany Elite Consulting, LLC. (LinkedIn)

Marilyn Mosby’s LinkedIn is updated with current job description: Managing Partner, Mahogany Elite Consulting, LLC. (LinkedIn)

Mahogany Elite Consulting (and two other for-profit entities Mosby created in 2019, Mahogany Elite Travel and Mahogany Elite Enterprises) figured prominently in the ethics charges and investigation that was followed by her January 2022 indictment by the Maryland U.S. Attorney’s Office.

When The Brew first disclosed the existence of the companies in 2020, Mosby said Mahogany Elite Travel was “a long-term venture” that was not operational, did not have clients and was not open for business.

Later, her lawyers said she suffered pandemic-related adverse financial consequences related to the business, arguing they accounted for the hardship distribution she took from her deferred compensation account in 2020.

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